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Packing checklist
1 May 2016

FE1.1s tiny two port USB hub pcb design


High speed 2 port embedded USB hub design (FE1.1S chip)

I needed a small USB hub that could fit in tight spaces (inside the casing of a mouse or keyboard, etc). The speed is not important here, so I chose the simplest IC I could find. It also meant that the hub was very cheap to make.

If you look at the design of the PCB you might notice that I had no idea what I was doing when I was designing it. The through holes for connecting it are in no particular layout (I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t fit headers) and there are a lot of right angle turns on the traces. It is safe to say, that I would do it differently if I

PCB Front PCB Back

Part list:

Download Eagle .brd and .sch files.